December 8, 2009

In true "Ashleigh fashion", I got another email from her this week, complete with instructions, to-do lists, and follow-up items. I'm starting to feel like an administrative assistant more than a lonesome Mom!!! :)

After 8 weeks here it all comes down to the next 8 days!!! I am SO excited to go and SO scared to be immersed in spanish (but mostly excited). We will be leaving next Tuesday bright and early (6am to make the 10am flight ... the airport is approximately 1/2 an hour away and the flight is about an hour long ... you do the math:)

My new address will be:

18001 N 79th Ave Suite C-50
Glendale AZ 85308

** Please know that this address is only temporary, until she gets settled into an apartment with her new companion. For those of you who are wanting to send Christmas cards and presents however, it is probably safest for you to send to this address rather than waiting for her permanent address to be communicated **

Mom - I will be sending you 2 discs of pictures. Please enjoy, and pass them along appropriately. Maybe you could upload them to the computer and e-mail some out to all who are interested. DON"T LOSE THE DISK! They're from the cameras of 2 people in my district and I want them when I return.

Tell everyone they can go to and look at Hermana's Smith's blog HER mom is doing for her ... I hear there are pictures there (and you can check out the competition:) Her mom sounds fun ... maybe you can become friends. Hermana Smith is going to Nashville so we will soon part but you can keep me updated maybe.

TELL EVERYONE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DEAR ELDER BECAUSE I LEAVE THE MTC SUPER SOON!!! Mom I love you lots! I hope you have a great week of work and are enjoying the holiday season!

** For those of you who aren't aware ... there is a website that you can go to and send Ashleigh emails. While she is at the MTC, the emails are FREE to the sender and they are delivered the same day. When she is in Phoenix, there is a 44 cent charge for the letter, and I'm not sure how frequently they are delivered. **

Happy Holidays everyone!

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