October 27, 2009

Not much to post ... we heard from Ashleigh yesterday via email. It was short and sweet and said "I dont' really have a lot of time to write but this week isnt' a great deal different from last week so you're not missing out on much!!!"

Needless to say, after anxiously waiting for her email all week, I was a little disappointed. I also have not received any of the letters she has promised she's sent. Not sure what that's all about. The Mission President is going to get a little phone call from me soon if things don't turn around.

-- Fawn

October 22, 2009

Hooray for Ashleigh's friends who have been so supportive and wonderful to me throughout this initial separation. At some point however, I do expect them all to "kick me out of the nest" and tell me to GET OVER IT. :)

Lewie and I pitched in and bought Ashleigh 2 pairs of American Eagle jeans and a nice sweater. Lewie's total = $130 (jeans + sweater). Fawn's total = $14 (postage + sourpatch kids from Sweet Factory). I love it when a good plan comes together !! :)

I sent the package out last night, so hopefully she will get to wear jeans on Monday !!

October 19, 2009

We got an email today from Ashleigh !! It sounds like Monday is her "personal day", so we can presumably expect an email home each Monday. :) Yaay for modern technology.

It sounds like she is enjoying her new experiences, and is in a small classroom type environment with 8 other missionary's. These are the "Spanish Speakers" and will either be going to Phoenix or Nashville. She said that she's learned more Spanish in 2 days at the MTC than in 2 YEARS of High School Spanish.

Ashleigh likes her "companion" a lot, and indicated that they've got a lot in common. (Backgrounds, families, etc) which is good because they have to go everywhere and do everything together. It also sounds like she is quite close with the other missionarys in her Spanish speaking classes and said "I feel as though we're all prepared to board the ark together at the first sign of rain".

Ashleigh indicated that she still gets lost everywhere she goes. It's set up just like a college campus with dorms and classrooms and even vending machines around every corner (which surprised her for some reason). They give you a key card that gets you into your building and free lunch and all. Every week they get $8 put on the card for miscellaneous stuff and that seemed to impress her. I guess I was never a "big spender" when it came to Ashleigh's allowance, or $8 a week wouldn't impress her so much !! :)

Sending her JEANS this week, as she is THRILLED to get to wear "normal clothes" on Mondays.

All in all, Ash is happy and excited to be at the MTC.

October 16, 2009

I received the letter from Provo MTC with Ashleigh's address and a few "rules" for the missionary's family to keep in mind. My favorite was: Do not send pizzas, fast foods, ice-cream, or any items that will spoil if they are not refrigerated within 24 hours. LOL ... so just in case any of you were contemplating mailing her a pizza, might I recommend that you refrain. :)

Ashleigh's address while she is at the MTC is:

Ashleigh Lowery
MTC Mailbox #249
AZ-PHX 1215
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

For those of you who are wondering how "Mom" here is holding up ... I've gained 5 pounds this week and have had a headache since Tuesday. Hopefully things will look up soon! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words of support. I'm gonna miss that crazy girl ... Fawn

October 14, 2009

Welcome, friends and family, to Ashleigh's "blog by proxy"!! In her 18 month absence I will be posting to her blog. Some posts will be my own, others will be straight from the "blog update" section of her weekly emails home. Either way, I hope to share with you the spirit of her many adventures as Sister Lowery!

Ashleigh checked into the MTC in Provo this afternoon and I am supposed to get an official email with confirmation of her safe arrival and a mailing address. I will share that via the blog as soon as I receive it ... and the race will be on to see whose card or letter she receives first. The winner will get a shout-out on the blog ! :)

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement as Ashleigh embarks on her new journey. More to follow soon ... Fawn