January 24, 2010

Well, I've learned the #1 rule of blogging ... if you don't keep up on the Blog, you lose your followers. Sorry all ... I've clearly got a lot of "organization" to learn.

Ashleigh continues to write me letters often and emails consistently on Mondays' (her personal day). It sounds like she is doing well, and urges everyone to email her at: ashleighlowery@myldsmail.net. While you can email HER ... she can't email YOU. So, if you're into 1-sided gratification and want to drop her a line, she would love to hear from you! :)

Ashleigh's companion (at least for the next 6 weeks) is Hermana Mathews. I believe she is from Sandy, Utah but I may be making that up. I tend to lose track of the various Elders and Sisters she talks about!

Ashleigh's mission work is going well. She said her Spanish is terrible, but she's learning to adjust and once everyone hears her butcher her Spanish, they switch to English. It sounds like everyone is very friendly and the church members are very gracious with feeding them. (a different members' family every night). Ashleigh said the food is interesting (mostly Mexican-type food ... but a lot of soup???). She said the portions they feed you are huge, and she's learning to wash it all down with lots of tortillas.

Ashleigh loves her mission work, but isn't fond of the early morning rise (6:30) which is followed by exercise. She says her muscles don't function well at that time, and I tend to agree ... it is a little early !!

Ash also found out her "going home date"!! It is MAY 3, 2011. whooop whooop !! Write it down people, that's the day I will be the happiest EVER !! I miss that girl like crazy. She's such a wonderful young lady !

Thanks to everyone for your support and praying for my sanity. This is the hardest thing I've ever done ... I miss her so much !

Love to all !!

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  1. I am a friend from BYU-Idaho. Can I get her actual address?! I have a letter here for her! thanks!