November 20, 2009

Ashleigh had computer problems this week and LOST the majority of her "newsy" email on Monday. She cranked out a second one though, much shorter, but kinda sweet! I know she is missing everyone, as the letters are finally starting to "flow" out of that place. She wrote me a very nice "thank you for not dis-owning me when I became a Mormon" letter last week. It sounds like she has met a lot of converted Mormons whose families haven't been very supportive. Sad. :(

You might be a missionary at the MTC if:

1) Nightly auditions for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are held in the shower nightly (in a variety of languages might I add)

2) 4-square is a competitive sport in gym

3) The vast majority of people in gym are wearing black dress socks under their Nikes

4) You ask advice from a 19 year old boy... and then take it because it's not half bad!

5) You're college age and hungry for 4:30 dinner

6) The 3 questions of life are asked casually -where did you come from? (Alaska) -why are you here? (because I want to feed God's sheep) -where are you going? (Phoenix)

Holidays are going to be very lonely without Ashleigh this year. I guess I will have to eat her share ....

-- Fawn

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