November 9, 2009

Ashleigh sent a wonderful email today ... thought I would share the jest of the whole thing on the blog. ENJOY !! ;)

This week was all sorts of fun. Because we are HORRIBLE at Spanish on our Spanish-only days we laugh at the STUPID stuff we say :)

We played this "relate everything to the gospel game" where everyone in my district wrote down a noun and then we'd draw one and related it to the gospel. Jesus was likened unto a ship, zebra, cat, dog, rollercoaster, guava fruit, dryer lint and 2 other random things that I can't think of at the moment ... LOVE THE MTC!

For our Large group meeting we got a new speaker FINALLY. Anyways, so he says "It's Saturday and you and your companion have no food and no money, What do you do?" In unison all college age missionaries say "go to Costco for free samples"!!

And he also being a college age kid says EXACTLY and pulls out some cookies for the free samples. Then he asks "who passes out the free samples"? and in unison we respond "old people"! EXACTLY and he pulls out 2 wigs, aprons, and canes!!! Two Elders had already volunteered so we had 2 old women. One person tried to sell cookies w/o offering free samples and the other with free samples. It was a magical moment as we discussed the importance of inviting people to come to church to "free sample" rather than trying to sell them on the product of mormonism with only our word supporting it. I enjoyed it throughly :)

My Spanish is coming along ... I'm getting better at creating my own sentences and not just memorizing catch phrases but I'm still not fluent! It's crazy to think I would have left for Phoenix last Wednesday if I was English speaking and it's crazy that my half way mark is coming up! Of course that means I get to call you in 5 weeks!!! I'm quite excited for that :) I do miss you and your fun/unfriendly comments :)

Thank you so much for the cards. I got the purple polka dot one and I'm glad my money made it safe. It's fine wherever you put it thanks for that. Keep sending them please. It makes my day!

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