November 3, 2009

Hurray ... email from Ashleigh yesterday! Summary of some of the more interesting points are pasted below !

Oct 24: I don't think the MTC is anything like you imagine. It's nothing like I imagined. It's a lot more laid back in the sense no one checks on you to make sure you're where you're supposed to be or doing what you're supposed to be doing. Unlike BYU where they practically tuck you in. It's also not as preachy ... they don't actually teach you so much as they teach you how to learn and set up your own study plans. It's odd and wonderful. We're learning the importance of planning ... who would have thought I could learn to be organized?! Not me!!!

Oct 25: It was a great day. We get to walk to the temple every Sunday so we took pictures and just sat on the grass and swapped stories of our past lives. 19 year old boys ... even with name tags of Elders are all the same ... same stories I mean ... bands, dances, hamsters ... all end in disaster.

Oct 30: Today was our first day of NO English ... needless to say ... I didn't say much but there were some amusing misunderstandings. You know that picture you sent of Poo Kitty ... that frame you made ... well I was looking at it again and showed my roommate and she thought I called YOU Poo Kitty instead of Suga ... and because i couldn't explain it in English ... well we all had a good laugh. Also the word for pregnancy is similar to another common word ... so one Hermana thought the other said she looked pregnant :)

-- Fawn

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